Policy of quality, environmental preservation and health and safety at work

The management of MIKS CONSTRUCTION Ltd. as well as all of its employees guarantees the quality of the general construction work in accordance with the requirements and expectations of contractors, designers and customers, while performing them in strict compliance with the legal requirements of the Republic of Bulgaria and the standard systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and ensures the completion of all projects (construction sites) implemented by the company within the set deadline, endeavouring to reduce the number of complaints from customers and clients.

In this regard we set ourselves the following tasks:

  • Constructing a conviction in the customers that the company is able to carry out construction works with the required quality and to maintain this quality through all stages of execution.
  • Development of the personal professional skills of the managing and executive staff, responsibility and precision in performing their tasks as well as their irrevocable demonstration in front of the customers of the company.
  • Analysis of the results of the production activity of the company and monitoring of the customer satisfaction of the end product in its warranty and post warranty period.
  • Achieving the required quality of the construction work at optimal costs for the company, through effective use of technological capabilities of the equipment, the materials and the human resources.
  • Providing and maintaining a high level of health and safety at work, fire safety and environmental preservation during the course of the construction work.
  • Identifying, analyzing and removing the causes of errors in the work of the staff of the company as well as in the quality of the construction work.
  • Providing systematic training of staff through participation in seminars, lectures.
  • Innovative, flexible and efficient management, loyalty and concentration on current and future customers.
  • Creating a unified internal environment and social policy, maintained by the executive body, with the aim of motivating the staff.
  • Pursuit of continuous process of improvement of the system of quality management, environmental preservation and health and safety at work.
  • Creating and maintaining a clean environment for the staff, for the natural and legal entities and for nature as a whole.
  • Adherence to the national legislation, construction standards and legal regulations governing the requirements for environmental preservation and health and safety at work.

We commit to the following:

A commitment, through our personal involvement and responsibility, to work towards fulfillment of the announced Policy for Quality, Environmental Preservation and Health and Safety at Work and to adhere to all documents, regulating the procedures for achieving guaranteed quality, safety at the workplace and environmental preservation connected to the firm’s activity, providing all the necessary financial, material and human resources.
A commitment the Policy for Quality, Environmental Preservation and Health and Safety at Work to be spread and understood in the organization for the personnel to realize and carry out their obligations.
A commitment to meet the requirements and to constantly improve the efficiency of the quality management system.
A commitment to periodically re-evaluate the Policy for Quality, Environmental Preservation and Health and Safety at Work and to ensure it continues to be adequate, applicable and suitable for the organization.
A commitment to prevent injuries and illness, to constantly improve health management and safety at work and for the results concerning health and safety at work.
A commitment to continually improve and prevent environmental pollution.
A commitment to comply with the legislation in force and other requirements, which the organization had accepted to fulfill in the area of health and safety at work, as well as the requirements concerning its environmental aspects.
A commitment the environmental preservation policy to be communicated to all individuals working for or on behalf of the organization. Ensuring public access to the policy. 


15.09.2015 г.
Stamen Ivanov
Director of "MIKS CONSTRUCTION" Ltd.


To the disposal of the corporation is a modern production factory for prestressed concrete elements, where Europe's leading technology and innovative construction practices were introduced. The company further specializes in designing, manufacturing, transportation and installation of precast concrete units.


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