"Praktiker" – Plovdiv is built in a newly constructed, spacious and inviting building, with a new modern look and concept. It stretches nearly 9000 sq.m. area, and the shopping hall is greater than the previous one, located on more than 6000 sq.m. The new more functional layout and organization of the products, enables users to quickly and easily explore and find out what they need, to create and update their dream home and garden.

The new "Praktiker" – Plovdiv is at a new, more convenient address on 13 "Kouklensko chausse" Blvd. In a warm and cozy atmosphere, the customers will receive careful and professional advice and can with ease and pleasure, at one place, to find out anything they need, to make their homes and gardens more beautiful, functional and comfortable.

The investment project of "Multivac Bulgaria Production" EOOD envisages the construction of an enterprise for high-tech production of parts and modules for packaging machines in the Economic zone Sofia-Bojourishte, including a production building, warehousing and logistics base, center for professional training and qualification and offices. A center for consulting and shared services will be revealed in the field of information technologies and supply. The machine-building enterprise of Multivac is scheduled to be operational after a year and provides for disclosure of 153 new work places.


To the disposal of the corporation is a modern production factory for prestressed concrete elements, where Europe's leading technology and innovative construction practices were introduced. The company further specializes in designing, manufacturing, transportation and installation of precast concrete units.


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