Production of reinforced concrete structures

Leading aspect for each project is the technology. Depending on the designer technologist’s assessment of what is required for the manufacturing derives the need for one or the other type of building. This involves the use of different types of structures to ensure production flow taking into consideration the appropriate supporting distances and heights of the premises.

Reinforced concrete structures produced in factories are aiming to provide these technological requirements for each project. The advantages that they bring are the covering of great technological apertures, the short operational maintenance time, the aesthetic appearance as well as meeting the standards of fire safety without further processing and hasty installation.

For the needs of the market we have built a new factory for precast concrete structures in Sofia with the most advanced equipment and high production capacity. This allows us to produce structures from high quality concrete and overcoming supporting distances up to 30 meters.


To the disposal of the corporation is a modern production factory for prestressed concrete elements, where Europe's leading technology and innovative construction practices were introduced. The company further specializes in designing, manufacturing, transportation and installation of precast concrete units.


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