The lack of separate storage and manufacturing buildings, with built infrastructure, in which the companies can start effective activities emerging on the market, provokes high pace in creating and developing new industrial zones and logistics centres.

The logistics and delivery of goods places high requirements for building a specialized building, where all factors have to be foreseen, like rapid loading, transport and delivery, quick turnover, the form of storage /with or without freezers/, so that all processes can be optimized.

Logistics parks have their technological features, particularly in using certain kinds of shelves according to the requirements of the investor, which determines the supporting distances and construction decisions. Every investor is looking to reduce the cost price of the buildings and that’s why in this sector the preferences are for using the least valuable materials for competitiveness on the market. This happens in reasonable boundaries, because in the most projects the requirements for temperature environment, wear out and load capacity of the floor, the light and so on are of decisive importance at the operation. The specifications of the buildings maintaining the logistics are various according the services trend.

Obeying the requirements of the investors MIKS CONSTRUCTION offers creative solutions, short terms and qualitative implementation.


To the disposal of the corporation is a modern production factory for prestressed concrete elements, where Europe's leading technology and innovative construction practices were introduced. The company further specializes in designing, manufacturing, transportation and installation of precast concrete units.


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