The dynamics at industrial investments require even more modern and innovative approach at planning, design, implementation and management of the manufacturing infrastructure, so that the industrial companies are highly competitive.

The companies need functional solutions for their industrial buildings, so that they are adapted to the future to maintain the operations cost effectively. The implementation of precast assembled reinforced concrete elements offers many advantages: short building terms, high quality and precision.

Independently of the designation of an industrial building, in the process of construction the high requirements of the investors in applying innovative technologies and materials for their implementation, as well as architectural ideas, constructive and installation needs of the manufacturing technologies, are met. The strict observation of the specific requirements of the investor, combined with the knowledge and skills of our specialists for technical constructive achievements, allows the implementation of the most complex projects and makes us a preferred partner in this construction sector.


To the disposal of the corporation is a modern production factory for prestressed concrete elements, where Europe's leading technology and innovative construction practices were introduced. The company further specializes in designing, manufacturing, transportation and installation of precast concrete units.


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